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I am looking for Schwalbe 700c 28-32mm tubes (model# SV16). Does anyone know a Chicago LBS that has these in stock?

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Curious but why Schwalbe specifically?  Higher quality, lighter, personal preference?

Quality, and good luck sofar. I'd welcome recommendations for LBS that carry other higher quality products too. But no QBP, Kenda, Forte ,etc

I've never had issues with Kenda tubes, except when running 28-32 tubes in 35c tires at low pressures. And that was entirely my fault. Have you had bad experiences with them?

Since it sounds like you're looking for something a little more... upscale, you might consider the Continental tubes. They're about the nicest butyl tubes money can buy. And of course, if you really want the ultimate you can get Challenge latex tubes. But they're expensive and you have to pump them back up every day.

I ride Kenda/QBP tubes on my regular bikes. But for my nice bike I'd like something nicer. Any thought on where I could find Continental tubes in the city?

Village Cycle Center (on Wells, just North of Division) has them in stock.

Out of curiosity, do you notice any difference in performance between brands of butyl tubes? Or is it more the principle of the thing? I totally understand the latter. :)

The fancy tubes I do ride with Grand Bois Cypres tires. They do not have flat protection. A few thousand miles, but not a single flat yet.
Also, I ride them on fairly low pressure ( 60 PSI ) and it makes for a comfortable but not sluggish ride.

Are they really better than others? I could point to Jan Heine's thoughts on this, but some of what he says it take with a grain of salt
In the end, a well maintained bike that I feel good about makes me want to ride more, and that's all that matters, no?

In the end, a well maintained bike that I feel good about makes me want to ride more, and that's all that matters, no?

I couldn't agree more!

Any other shops stock Schwalbe tubes? i have had bad luck with "generic" (store brand) tubes. The leading issue is the valve stem tearing out.

The other good thing about Schwalbe's schrader valve tubes is the all-metal valve stem.

+1 on the valve stems tearing off being the issue on cheap tubes.  Swore off Kenda after this happened 2 or 3 times in a single year on their presta tubes.

It's never happened again since i switched to Conti tubes a year or two ago.   I have to admit I pick them up online, though, since they're hard to source at a LBS. 

I've been stranded by Kenda tubes one time too many, and will never purchase any of their products again. they were the only manufacturer selling tires in the old Schwinn 26-inch size for a long time so I was forced to use them when I still had the old wheels on my Schwinn Speedster. They never seated well. After switching to 650A size wheels with aluminum rims, I was able to switch to Panaracer Col de la Vie 40mm wide tires. The complete makeover on the bike involved enough variables that I couldn't attribute the change in ride to just the tires or tubes, but the overall change made the Speedster a nice bike to ride.

Schwalbe tubes are the highest quality butyl tubes available I've encountered. They really are better than anything else. They are thinner and lighter, and the transition from tube to valve stem is better than anyone else's as far as I can tell.

I think Adam Clark (Pedal for the People) carries Schwalbe - or he will order them for you.  He has a "ring" of tires cutouts to choose from.

Called PTTP. They did not have them in stock so I went and ordered them online.

I agree with other posters about generic tubes having lots of failures around the valves

Thanks all


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