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Any folding bike riders here? Raise your hand and  post a picture of your folder.

Here is mine: 

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Used to have a Dahon  Mu P8 that I liked a lot.  Sold it to a buddy of mine and it started a new chapter with a new owner.  Until it was stolen, that is.  Death to bike thieves.  

After I sold it I bought a Tern Link.  It's ok but I liked the Dahon more.  Apparently so did a lot of other people because the price went up about $200.  I just don't feel as comfortable on longer rides on the Tern as I did on my Dahon (a longer ride being more than 10 miles).  

Now I'm thinking of getting a BikeFriday.  I'd like to get the Silk but I'll need to save for that one.  I wonder if they have a lay-away plan?  

I have a Dahon Speed 7

Here are some photos.

She has been with me to the following places:

Grand Rapids
Los Angeles
Olympia WA
Sioux Falls SD
Lakeville MN
Golden CO

It's bad ass.

One place is enough, so this folding bike rider is sticking with the Folders group which already has a list of members.


I like that my dahon doesn't allow theives to steal my seat when it's folded and tightly u-locked.



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