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Any folding bike riders here? Raise your hand and  post a picture of your folder.

Here is mine: 

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Citizen Miami

Mine is a Dahon Espresso (I don't immediately have a picture available.)

I've got 1.5 folders in my stable.

2007 Dahon Speed P8:

2012 Dahon Mu frame waiting to be built. My Speed P8 pictured above has a small seat tube crack (not serious yet, but will likely end up killing the frame), and this frame was a freebie from dahon as consolation even though i was outside the warranty window. i haven't decided if i'm going to just switch over parts from my speed P8 or go ahead and build it up new. it's been sitting in my closet for like 6 months now collecting dust. 

This thread belongs in the Folders Group.

That group is eerily quiet because of threads like this that didn't bother to search first.

not really, it's because of the structure of how the forum and group are being setup IMHO.

The folder group and discussion are too much buried within the site.

The group is the first match on site search by folder or folders.  But yeah, tCL lacks a TOC.  Lovin the pics here.

Has there ever been any folders gathering before?

My 5th bike will be a folder

I've been thinking about getting a folder for train rides and such. It seems that most of you have Dahons. Are they better than Bromptons? Anyone have any experience with full-size folders, such as Montague?

I would get a brompton if I have the money for that :-) Bromption's starting price is 1.6k usd and up.

While for dahon, you can easily get one for a few hundreds. 

Anyone with a folder have any advice for either installing a quick release on a 20 inch wheel, or info on a reasonable 20 inch wheel with a quick release?  Getting a rear flat on the way to work without one was.....inconvenient.  Yup, I know it’s a folding bike, but it’s a brick, and I was not that close to public trans. It would have been much faster and easier to pop the tire off and fix the flat. Thanks.

try, they should be able to help you out



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