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Any Chainlinker vendors at Renegade Craft Fair this year? (9/10 & 9/11 2011)

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My sister and I will be busting out some racks of vintage clothing at Honore and Division. If your looking for something in particular drop me a line.
I'll be helping Laila out at the Wells Street Fall Fest.
I'll be there with scads of summer and winter cycling caps, all handmade from recycled materials.  I'm adding arm and neck warmers this year plus a few other fun items like buttons and patterns for those DIYers.  And I'm also so excited to be right next to Vaya Bags from NYC.  We'll be at Division and Hermitage, booths no. 132-133.  Hope to see you all there and have fun!

Beardheads!  We need beardheads!


I'm sure you will find some!
I don't if it is a trend, at the fair I noticed 6 vendors who were selling goods with animals riding bicycles.
Erin, picked up one of your caps at the fair and LOVE it. Thank you!
Aw thanks!  We had a great fair thanks to Chicago cyclists!
I like Erin's bike hat so much, I'm going to use it as a regular hat!
Erins hat is a staple of mine in winter!
Missed you at the Fair.  Do you have a site where we can look at your products?
Oh, you guys!  I have a website -  You should be re-directed to my Etsy page.  I don't have much of anything up right now, but I'll get cracking this next week on photographing and posting new caps.  Plus I am in a few shops around town, so shop local!


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