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Another Stolen Bike...2012 CANNONDALE CADD8 black/white Road bike

I locked it up nice and tight outside Union Station Late saturday night because Metra wouldn't allow me to board with it cause of over crowded train due to Air/Water Show. when i came back for it early tuesday morning, it was gone. no lock, nothing. It had my florecent green aerobe frisbee locked w/it. frisbee had in red name, cell#, and names of all the dogs in my life. and it read...Chicago's Favorite Dogsitter! The flexible fende had bumper stickers all over it. One read in black/white...FREETHEWEED.  I feel numb today! So Sad! I feel like i lost one of my incomplete!  paid $1200.00 and i still owe $700.00. It did have the wheel locks on it. Please keep and eye/ear out for my bike. No...i never got around to regestering it. I kick myself in the ass!  Anyone have an extra bike i can barrow for Critical Mass next week? :(

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Carl brings up a good point.  Given the quality of your bike, if all you used was your Kryptonite EVO lock (in addition to the skewers), that's not enough -- provided the circumstances in which you left it.  Take it as a lesson learned, invest in a Kryptonite New York Lock or better (or two), and try not to leave your bike even overnight someplace like that again.        

carl whetherspoon said:

hate to be that guy but.....if you leave a brand new bike out for 3 nights its going to get that thats how things are, but thats how things are.

I agree, I should have just left it @ a friends near by. I want to blame metra, but...



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