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Saw this one on the Wisconsin Bike Fed blog:

Unlike other incidents I've seen reported, this one appears to involve people who likely knew each other. The two were coworkers, both working for WS Packaging Solutions in Algoma, WI.

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July 29, Daniel Austin, age 67, Akron PA

Thanks for the addition. I welcome anyone's contribution to this growing thread.

Last night I started to work on a Google spreadsheet to hold this content. I figure that's a reasonable next step on the way to using a real database. I'm trying to take a reasonable stab at the various useful bits of information which can easily be gleaned from online accounts. Once I've been able to add a few more entries, I'll post a link for feedback.

Here's a link to the spreadsheet I've been working on.

Feedback is welcome. Someone asked for organization by state, so I think I will at least split the location into two columns. Also, I will probably get around to creating a Google Form to make input a little more foolproof.

If you would like write permission to the spreadsheet, let me know.

A later report identified the victim in the Oregon, WI crash as Shelton C. Berel.

Got a bit behind. Catching up...


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