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Annual appeal for volunteers for 2015 Bike the Drive - riders especially wanted!

Hello you wonderful chainlinkers! 

Although it may have been a chilly ride today, in just around five short weeks we'll have thousands of riders descending on Lake Shore Drive. Another MB Financial Bank Bike the Drive is May 24th and it is the Active Transportation Alliance's biggest fundraiser of the year! I'm the 2015 Volunteer Coordinator and I'd love to recruit you.

Because this ride might be the first and only ride of the year for many of our participants, we need volunteers who ride the course to keep an eye on things. Our trusty and dedicated crew of Ride Marshals get to ride the Drive, helping with flats, minor repairs, and riders who need a hand.

We are also hoping to recruit some new or returning Volunteer Accommodations volunteers who have access to or own a bike trailer to use during their shift. Volunteer Accommodations riders go up and down the course with snacks and water to make sure Course Marshals (often hungry high schoolers) are doing okay.

Finally, if you have any friends who've always wanted to help out this iconic event, we need SAG drivers who stand by and use Enterprise CarShare vehicles to ferry riders and their bikes who might not be able to make the whole ride.

We'd love to get some new faces in the crew--you get pride, honor, a t-shirt and all the pancakes you can eat, plus the skyline and lake vistas from a car-free drive. And of course, encouraging more and more people from all walks of life to try riding their bike, even if it is just one day a year. 

If you're interested, please drop me a line at or head over to to sign up. Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Hit me up! 

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Howdy. Was trying to check out the volunteer URL, but got an apache Error message about bandwidth exceeded. Still looking?


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