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Hi, everyone,

I'd like to offer this new award to Chainlink (and Chicago Cycling Club) members.


The F-12 Award is earned by riding from Chicago (Hyde Park or further north) to Three Floyds in each of 12 consecutive months. The counting sequence can commence during any month of the year but must continue uninterrupted for another 11 months.

Rides that count toward the F-12 Award are:

  • Any ride to Three Floyds on the Chainlink calendar.
  • Any ride to Three Floyds on the Chicago Cycling Club calendar.

Which month is credited?

  • If the ride is postponed into the next month (e.g., a 4/25 ride postponed to 5/2), the scheduled month (in this case, April) gets credit.

Other requirements:

  • The F-12 counts a series of months in which one or more rides to Three Floyds was ridden. Therefore, a given ride can only be used towards one F-12 award and one may earn only one F-12 award during a twelve-month period.
  • The applicant must be a Chainlink or Chicago Cycling Club member during each of the twelve months.

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great idea bob. I would like to add that the CL member must be in good standing, i.e. Dug, etc.

This is a wonderful idea!

Forgive the silly question, but a qualifying ride needs to be a round trip, not a one-way with car/train ride home?

Bonus for beers imbibed or carried back to Chicago?

i didn't know there were CL members who weren't in good standing. one-way is good enough for me. and could be safer after imbibing beers. which its own reward.

also, i was thinking hyde park was too arbitrary. maybe 71st or further north, which would include anywhere along the lakefront path?


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