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I have a Google Pixel and Google is trying to get me to update to Andrew 8.0 (Oreo). I'm happy to, but... I use the Ventra app on a daily basis on Metra (monthly pass). Before I upgrade, I really want to be certain the Ventra app will work without problems on Oreo. I contacted Ventra customer service, but so far no response. Google Play says Android "4.1 and up", but I'd like some reassurance that the Ventra app developers have made sure it works.

Any Ventra users out there who have already upgraded to Android 8.0?

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Thanks. I just need the Ventra app to display my electronic ticket for the conductor on Metra, so I doubt I'll need Bluetooth functionality. The Ventra app already requires kill/restart pretty frequently. I'd hate for it to get any worse.

It seems to work fine (I installed it and used to check my balance, I never use it for tickets) on a Google Pixel C (the tablet)

Appreciate the responses. I never heard back from the Ventra folks, but given the couple positive notes here, I went ahead and took the plunge when I got home this evening. The Ventra app fired up fine and I was able to display my monthly Metra pass. Looks like my main potential problem wasn't anything to worry about.


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