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I'm bored and have nothing to do. There is no where to go and nothing is open. The only thing I'm interested in is RIDING. and loving it.

For the first week of distancing, I rode an E-Bike, because one of those days had a 25 mph wind in my face. I rode about 100 miles on the E-Bike. I'm almost 65 years old and it was great being able to go up hills ( Valley View, St. Charles), and not worry about the headwinds. It reminds me of when I was 12 years old riding my stingray (with banana seat and sissy bar) everywhere. Anyhow, I rode my Surly for the first time this season and it was amazing, 27 miles, no saddle sores, legs felt great and I still could have gone further.

I was wondering if anyone else has ridden a pedal assist E-Bike. My opinion has changed 180 degrees (I used to know how to put the little circle up there).I thought they were "cheating",they made things too easy, and I would wind up without a great workout.   So I am not racing professionally, and I rode further and used the pedal assist like they were gears and was able to explore (Elgin is an interesting, historic town). 

OMT- Because of social distancing I have been riding in a pelet-one.

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I like your post. I haven't tried an e-bike yet but a "new" left knee and the recovery process sure are helping me see the wisdom in it. Enjoy yourself, I hope to be out there very very soon myself. Stay safe!

Sounds great! At some point, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be converting an old Trek 730 to an e-bike. Could you share the details of your e-bike, especially the wattage of your motor and the capacity of your battery? What level of pedal assist were you using?

P.S. Also, what is that structure in the picture?





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