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Incredibly enough it seems that cars and bikes can get along...with a little help that is. 

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With all the technology these days, most people forget one thing: what do you do if the electronic device you're relying on malfunctions or just quits working at all?

I hope the engineers had fun designing the devices, but nothing will beat being aware of your surroundings both when you're the one on the bike and when you're the one behind the wheel.

More mirrors are great, but for them to be useful, it actually requires the driver to be paying attention to all the mirrors, or at least the ones relevant to the task at hand, ie. using the inside mirror when backing up in a straight line.

As for the cyclists, why wouldn't you be paying attention when the only protections you have are the clothes on your back and the helmet on your head(possibly)?

Pay attention at all times - it doesn't require batteries and can't malfunction.



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