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Does anyone know of a ride in the midwest to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association.  I am aware of the Memory Walk but I would love to do a ride.  Another option would be to join a ride that allows you to raise money for a charity of your choice.  

Let me know

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Yes there is.  I'll look for it.

I've done the memory walk in the past with a co-worker whose wife has dementia. 

I found this cross country ride from 2010. I went there to cheer on the riders. Um.... I assume every org has a charity ride. Maybe they don't?

Here is an optionto support the Alzheimer's Association and Active Trans. 

There are just a few cycling events for Alzheimer's out there, but we're on the way up - believe it or not the Alzheimer's Association is very 'young' from a fundraising events standpoint, but we're eating our lean protreins, working out and trying to get big!  There are size-large ALZ rides in Boston and Washington DC, and New York City's Alzheimer's Chapter rides at the 5-Borough Bike Tour.

Here in Chicago they are working to lead the way by having the ALZ Stars riding at Bike the Drive. Turnout this year was encouraging, but light.... I'm sure they would love to hear from someone that might be interested in helping get the word out for the ALZ Stars Team in 2013.

You can also do ANY event as a fundraiser to fight Alzheimer's, just by contacting your local chapter. My friend Monica is doing Ride the Rockies RIGHT NOW as her dad battles dementia. In Illinois, contact ellie.simposon AT for more information on any of the above, or just send me a chainlink message!

Sorry I didn't see this, but thanks to Julie for passing it on, and thanks for your interest. Cheers - Eric Goodwin



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