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Also Stolen: Alchemy Eros Ti Road Bike w/9000 Dura Ace, FFWD Wheels and More

It's been a bad week for stolen bikes at Turin... :(


As mentioned above, we had a smash-and-grab occur on Wednesday the 17th at around 4:30am from our shop at 4710 N. Damen. They only took one bike but it was a doozy; a brand new Alchemy Eros Ti road bike with FFWD F6R carbon clinchers, DA 9000 11sp shifters and derailleurs, Rotor 3D F compact cranks, Thomson support and a yellow Fizik Aliante test ride saddle with the word "Test" in bold, all caps print. The frame is a matte ti finish with polished logos on the DT and HT.


I'm pretty sure its the only one in the Chicagoland area (though I doubt its still in Chicagoland) so any one claiming to have come by it legitimately is obviously full of it. If you see it, please call the shop, cops, national guard and Batman.

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I am quite sure I saw this bike on the lakeshore today going north from navy pier around 7:20. I got a pretty good look at it and it had the right wheels (from the look), bright yellow seat, same tires, same cranks, same fork, didn't get a good look at the components but they were not SRAM. The only thing was the rear derailleur may not have been black.

I didn't stop the guy or anything, wasn't sure what to do, sorry.

I called your shop and left a message.

If you Google "stolen Alchemy Chicago" the first hit is the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry listing which includes contact info-- would be much more useful in a situation like this if Chris had provided a police report number, or a cell phone number rather than the shop number-- but there's an e-mail there ....

Your only option in such a situation would be to follow the rider and find out where they end up.

If possible then you could try to get police help (which would be much easier with Chris on the other end of the line and/or a police report number) with maybe a 20% chance by my estimate of getting a timely and helpful response.

Overall, though, your chances of being able to help recover a bike when seeing it go by in the wild are not very good.

Also consider-- we have people contact the CSBR from time to time who want their info removed after being contacted a number of times by people who are "sure" they saw the bike because it is so distinctive (colors etc.) when it becomes clear over time that it is actually  a pretty well-sold model and color scheme.

Maybe I watch a few too many police shows but it seems to me it was prob someone who was in your shop not too long before the burglary eyeing that bike. Perhaps you have some old security footage to review.



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