Alley Cat Film seeks participants for riding, ghost bike scenes

Local independent film The Alley Cat seeks bike messengers to be in our alley cat race scenes and track stand race scene. We also need cyclists to come out for a ghost bike scene.  All shoots take place overnight on location.  If interested, please email a photo of you and your bike,  and your contact info (including email and cell phone #) to

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Track stand race?

Yup! Or footdown race, if you like. Seeing who can stay vertical in a trackstand the longest without putting a foot down.

Hasn't the "Alley Cat" genre pretty much been exhausted?

Have there been a lot of narrative films about alley cat races with female lead characters? I wasn't aware. 

I think it is an good idea for a film- there really aren't many bicycling films, messenger or otherwise, that feature women in the lead role as a cyclist. I'm not a messenger, but the film sounds interesting and I wish you the best of luck and would definitely watch it once it is out. 

We profiled the director on Grid Chicago last month.

I have never heard it called a track stand race and foot down race is a new one to me...

I question just how much you know and understand your subject matter...

Also, nice to see you post and participate here for reasons other than self promotion.

Oh, wait...

Think whatever you like, my dear.

Good Lord! Another Lazarus thread.


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