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Hello friends. . . .'tis been a while.  As I sit on my patio smoking ribs and wings wearing shorts and a long sleeve, I still miss my 60614.  I have been on a hunt for a pink, 2016 AllCity Mr. Pink, probably a 56 . . . . anybody have a line on one?

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Hello folks!  I happened to find a 2016 Mr. Pink.  Not many miles, original owner, a few dings . . . . any sense on what it should cost?

Hello again!  Is a 58 too tall for somebody with a 31" inseam?

Straddle the bike, take it for a ride, see how it feels. Some like smaller frames, some larger, what's your preference?

The "norm" used to be a fistful of seat post.

I understand that, however it is 3 hours away . . . if it were closer I would just take it for a ride.



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