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As a white male baptist southerner, it would be hard even for the racists to diss this guy. If anyone deserves a do-over, its this man, plus he wears a size 10 glove.

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Hi Joe! . . .

Why not? 


Wouldn't that be an abrupt but welcome change from 'current management??'    Thanks Joe!   I signed the petition.

Al Gore has moved on. Maybe we should too?

We should and the most recently defeated democrat candidate as well.

Nixon came back in 1968...and WON!   If 'Tricky Dick' could do it, why not Honest Al Gore?   He has the reputation, the experience, the family connections from way back...and an agenda most Democrats could enthusiastically back.

After four years of Trump, I think the Democrats could win with just about anyone as a candidate.

You might be tempted to think so, but for the Dems to simply assume that Anyone But Trump is a shoo-in is a prescription for another November surprise. I genuinely like and respect Al Gore, but as a presidential candidate he represents the past (a distant past.)

Heh, way back in 2016, I posted a comment on an article stating that the democrats could nominate Daffy Duck for president and still defeat Trump in a landslide, who was then facing off against 16 other candidates. I still can't believe what happened, happened. 

The pendulum tends to swing back and forth. I guess it swung pretty far back in 2008. Hopefully, soccer moms in the red states will get their revenge next time around. I'm sort of hoping Sarah Palin considers a run. She can grab any part of my anatomy she wants.

Just my personal opinion here, but I think the eventual 2020 Dem nominee will be a relatively unknown / newcomer, kind of like Obama was back in 2008.

FWIW, i'm afraid that unless and until the Dems stop forming circular firing squads,  we'll be doomed with another four years of the Orange Menace. i hope i'm wrong.

While much of our beloved/not so beloved bike infrastructure funding comes from the federal government, I think the greatest risk we face in Chicago now is a populist challenger to Rahm. We need to make sure that if anyone thinks they can challenge the mayor from the left, s/he better be even more pro-bike and transit than the status quo.

I saw on the news yesterday that Garry McCarthy is forming an exploratory committee to consider running for mayor. I wonder what what his stance on bikes is?


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