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My gf must have had a deprived childhood as she never learned how to ride a bike. Now she is interested and more than willing to take lesson(s) to learn.

Does anyone know of any adult bike lessons that cater to such people? I've tried teaching her myself but have not made much progress. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Many League Certified Instructors (LCIs) of the League of American Bicyclists are qualified to teach adults to ride.  There are several in the area.  Larry Mysz could probably put you in touch with one near you.

Thanks Lisa!

The site will link you to sign up directly for a lesson with an LCI. I am one of the LCI instructors and would be happy to help. ~Elizabeth (Elizabeth [at] chicagobicycle [dot] org)

Thanks Elizabeth. I have forwarded your information. 

Have you tried the undersized bike approach? Just take the smallest bike you have access to (as long as it's not like a toddler bike) and lower the seat all the way down. Now you've taken away the fear of falling since she can easily put both feet down while sitting on the seat. And with the lower center of gravity it should be easier to keep her balance.

Take off / Fold up the pedals too so they can walk along the ground for propulsion.  Once they get the balancing right by coast then Put on / Fold down the pedals.

That's a great suggestion. Thanks Mike!


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