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A remedial cycling class for cyclist who get a ticket in New York

Saw this in the New York Times about a school for cyclist who get a ticket while riding a bike.

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I didn't know you could get a ticket for not being in the bike lane. What if there is glass, a pothole or something (like a door) that you have to avoid? Good thing I'm not moving to New York. 

Yet another reason why New York basically sucks.  I sure hope they show the Casey Neistat video in the mandatory "remedial cycling class."

Helmet cams should be a big seller just in case a cyclist has to argue in court with a cop.

Re not riding in bike lanes: what's the deal if you need to overtake a slower cyclist? And what's the deal when there are more cyclists than a narrow bike lane can handle?

Does anyone have a list of these NYC rules that are in addition to the usual cycling law?


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