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I need some help . A friend of mine ( Facebook friend ) is riding his folding bike from Seattle to Chicago . His arrival date into Chicago will be appx 2pm on the 22nd . He should be pulling up to the Trump Hotel around that time . Backstory : I commute by bicycle into O'Hare. Two years ago I was on the O'Hare Tram ( only guy with a bike ) as it pulls up to T5 there are two Japanese guys with their bikes ,they get on the tram and stand next to me . So now now we're all standing there just looking at each other's bikes , there were a lot of smiles and a lot of communicating via hand signals . Anyhow me and Eiechi have kept in touch over the last 2 years . He's a rabid bike tourer , all on his folder . He speaks very little English ,he's a retired carpenter , he's around 75 years old ,he loves riding , and loves beer . I believe he's done 2 cross country trips already but this is his first one that terminates in Chicago . I was hoping that if any Chicago cyclists happen to be in that area around that time it would be pretty cool to greet him . Friday sept 22 @ around 2pm Trump Hotel ...I'll update as he updates me . Thx

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Hi Steve, that is very cool Keep us posted. I would like to meet Eiechi. 

Eiechi sounds like one cool dude! I think I may need to be downtown on the 22nd...

Love this! I'll try to join the welcoming committee!


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