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Chicago Winter Prediction


I'm thoroughly enjoying this indian summer.  Anyone else not GAF about this winter's dire prediction?

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I think all meteorologists are full of crap- If they predict a horrible snowfall, then the public will say "oh, you made a great prediction- right on target" and if it turns out to be a nice and mild winter, they still win, as the public will then say "it's so nice that the horrible weather prediction didn't come true". It's a win-win situation for the weather forecasters.  Considering the last time I looked at a forecast that said partly cloudy and it then proceeded to rain and hail on me, I have just stopped trusting the weather reports and just deal with whatever may come each day.


Oh, and I am loving the weather right now!

I appreciate it even more after slogging through last week!

I am really glad they predicted this, those morons are never right!


I'm going to take my lead from the woolly bear caterpillars and hope for a mild winter. My daughter and husband spotted woolly bear caterpillars at the North Park Nature Center a couple of weeks ago, and they had very little black fur. This is supposed to mean a mild winter - I'll take it ;)

Technically we haven't had a frost yet, but I went wading yesterday and possibly swimming tomorrow.


Where will people move to? Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Buffalo...we can't all to move to Florida or California.



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