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$90 Gift Certificate for a Village Cycle Center tune up in exchange for a good six-pack of beer.

Mrs Duppie won a gift certificate at the chainlink halloween party.

Unfortunately we have no use for it. But we always have use for some good beer...


So in return for a nice six pack of craft beer, you can have the gift certificate. First one to offer a beer of our liking gets it. (Note that is not the same as the first one responding)

We are particularly partial to German style and Belgian style beers.


Here is the print on the certificate:

$90 towards any tune-up package at Village Cycle Center. Expires 12/31/2011

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You got to be more specific than that. What kind of trappist?

Brendan said:


Something I can find at whole foods?  haha.  I dunno.  I'm in over my head.  I don't drink this kind of beer often. 

If I can find it how would you like to try Veldensteiner zwicki?

Ill brew a beer of your choice!
Or a Schneider Aventinus, its a Dunkelweisse. Its 8% alcohol with clove and bannana like phenols. Has a great malty mouthfeel and will warm your soul from the inside out and bring your spirits in tune with the universe. And it just so happens to be Iggi's favorite beer in the whole entire world

I'll up the anti--- how about Leffe Brown Abbey Ale. It's in near me for the 1st time ever. Ken

How about a Bud Lite Lime?






No you say?  

Yeah, no love for the domestics, eh?



Not into natural flavors and certified colors?  That's cool.  


Just kiddin.  How about pranqster, old rasputin, quadruple, or allagash white...?



Duppie, have you ever tried Trumer Pilsener?

I had one from the tap at Piece last year and it was the first time I tasted anything like the Pilsener I remember from Germany in >15 years.

Assuming you can find it, the gift certificate is yours.

Zwickl beer has piqued my interest ever since Metropolitan started experiencing with that style this summer. He described it as an unfiltered Flywheel. Unfortunately all Doug's efforts so far have ended up in the Bavarian Lodge in Lisle.


Until earlier this week I would have taken you up one the Leffe Brune offer. But on Tuesday InBev announced that it is now available in the Chicago market. This being InBev, I expect it to be available at Jewel pretty soon.


Ken Gray said:

If I can find it how would you like to try Veldensteiner zwicki?


If Ken cannot find the Veldensteiner, I'll take you up on your offer

Laura said:

Ill brew a beer of your choice!


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