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i went to swap-o-rama in alsip this weekend and its mostly indoors but out back you can rent tables and sell tools, or what ever.  guys pull up in a van or truck rent a spot for 25 for the day and unload all sorts of stuff to sell.   I lost track of all the felts and jamis and cannondales n such that i saw there.  part of me wanted to take pictures of every one of em (they dont like you taking pictures) and put them in some kind of discussion or blog(like a reverse stolen bike registry) so that people dont have to run around to alll these little places looking for there stolen bikes.  i often have the same urge when i see a scrap truck stacked 10 ft tall with crap and a few hi end bikes just sitting on top that someone must have "thrown out"  i know this sounds like sterotyping but all im saying is if you see a probably stolen bike and can get a pic of it and a short description of the bike where it was at and mabey a pic of the junk truck with its plates and bikes visible or of the black market bike sales man with the bike.  the only problem is when the swap meet salesmen saw me taking pictures of bikes they got angry or nervous.  does anyone have a cowboy hat with a hidden camera homer simpson style lol.  anyways sat and sun and wensdays you might just find your bike at the swap meet. 


just sayin, im not computer smart enough to do this , hint hint andrew

4350 West 129th Street, Alsip, IL

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so sad that this is even allowed.  I found my bike a the swap o rama, and have seen many high end bikes there too. 


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