I live just off the 606.  I'm amazed at how much foot and bicycle traffic has increased in front of my place.  At this point I'm assuming the 606 traffic has probably more or less baselined now that we're a month out.  

It's almost like the lakefront path.  All forms of people, and you can't really go too fast, although some people try.  One couple with a stroller will pretty much take up a whole side.  

It's interesting too...  There seem to be the same traffic congestions problems on the 606 that we see on the lakefront path.  I guess the nice thing is that it never intersects streets, so for almost 3 miles you don't have to negotiate an intersection- unlike the LFP.

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If they tore it down to ground level and just made it into a street, would that make you people any happier? The cost would have been substantially high just to level it also. Did you like the abandoned weed & brush train tracks where people trespassed just to walk, ride & run on it ?
Visited for the first time today. About a 50/50 split between cyclists and pedestrians. Everybody seemed well behaved and in good spirits. My kids enjoyed the novelty of it, but it's not my cup of tea.


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