I live just off the 606.  I'm amazed at how much foot and bicycle traffic has increased in front of my place.  At this point I'm assuming the 606 traffic has probably more or less baselined now that we're a month out.  

It's almost like the lakefront path.  All forms of people, and you can't really go too fast, although some people try.  One couple with a stroller will pretty much take up a whole side.  

It's interesting too...  There seem to be the same traffic congestions problems on the 606 that we see on the lakefront path.  I guess the nice thing is that it never intersects streets, so for almost 3 miles you don't have to negotiate an intersection- unlike the LFP.

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Hey Jim, happy 4th July holiday! So how do you like The 606 on a scale from 1-10? Positive-neutral-negative? If you live very close to it, has it had any affects on the neighborhood? Just curious for your input. Thanks.

To be clear, I love the 606.  It is a cool trail, and it's awesome to be able to ride without any possibility of encountering a car.  I also think it's a good thing for my neighborhood.  Some people in the neighborhood really opposed the 606 when it was still in its inception phase.  They thought it would be a dangerous place, or it would be a place ripe for crime.  In the old days of the Bloomingdale line there was some gang activity up there, amongst other things.  I think it safer to use the space than to have the space be vacant.

It's too narrow. 

With runners passing "on your right" and cyclists passing "on your left," it can some times feel like a whirlwind just walking along. 

I agree.  That's why I say one couple with a stroller can pretty much eat up one whole side of the trail.

I should add that my perspective is from one of those stroller-pushers. and there's a lot of us up there!

Me too.  We take the baby for walks in the evening.  I'm not saying stroller pushers are bad, just that the 606 makes it difficult to accommodate all sorts of traffic.  Having said that, I think they are dealing with the space they had available as best they could.

'"It's gonna be crowded all the time but as long as you know it's gonna be filled with strollers, razor scooters, kids ride 3 wide. We'll see how crime stats add up after the Summer. Technically since its a park no one should be on it after 11 pm.
"It's gonna be crowded all the time. "

Here's the trick I use for The 606. The early and late hours are the best. I usually go up an entrance and take a crowd sample. If it's too crowded, I leave at the next exit. Also, if the weather is changing to a little less comfortable the crowd diminishes.

I appreciate the enforcement of the opening & closing hours. It is a unique type of park"trail" that needs to be treated differently. The extreme close proximity to residential areas necessitates the unique treatment.

Actually, since it's a right of way going through a park, one may "...pass through such parks without stopping on the more direct walk or driveway leading from their point of entrance to the exit nearest to their point of destination;"  Chicago Park District Code Chapter 7-B(2)a.  Admittedly, Chicago Police may not be aware of this provision, but it's there and it applies to traffic on the 606.  Screwing around up there isn't allowed after 11, but going from point A to point B without stopping after 11 is allowed. 

I've been kicked off the LFP after 11 (which wasn't right, but there's no use arguing with CPD- just comply and get on with your evening), but I've never been ticketed.  If you're up there doing tricks on your skateboard you're going to be subject to a ticket.  If you're moving along without stopping things should be fine.  If anyone gets a ticket you can call me.

Thanks for the advice Jim !
Yes, the West side is the best side.

in my experience so far the tighter confines of the 606 make all users way more aware of their surroundings.  the lakefront path is wide open, with places to wander to the left and right, beaches and grass and parks and views, etc - people are less aware of the moving traffic around them at all times since it's so vast.  on the 606 we're all confined and *generally* moving either east or west.  each time i've been up there nearly all users, young or old - all modes and even groups - seem fairly aware that they should stay to the right as much as possible since we're sharing this confined corridor.  other cyclists not treating the 606 as a leisurely east/west slow roll seem to be most disruptive, imo. 


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