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 The frame is in overall great shape -- the expected scratches and scuffs from a year of use, but no serious damage. No dents, dings, cracks, etc. Some rub through in the paint has been repair with VO supplied touch up paint which comes with the frame. Fork was never used as a custom fork was built for this project. All threads are in good shape. Everything is still straight and true to the best of my knowledge. Customer vinyl decals are easily removable with the original VO name still under the clear coat.  
Full geometry can be found on Velo Orange's website Designed for 700c by 38 tires with fenders. Common 27.2 seat post, BSA bottom bracket, 26.8mm front derailleur, 135mm rear spacing. All the standard mounting points for racks, 3 water bottles, fenders. The fender mounts are some of the easiest I've ever used -- they line the fenders up perfectly for the 38mm tires.
If you have any questions or need any additional picture please ask. 
$250 local pick up, more if you need it shipping :)

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Interested, but afraid that it is a little on the large size for me. Can I ask how tall you are and the type of riding you did on this frame? 

I'm 5"9' with roughly a 32" inseam.  I also don't have an issue with the top tube being close to my groin.  Ran the bike in a few different set ups, all with drop bars and a fairly short stem to keep the reach short and my fairly upright.  Did some touring, dirt road riding and city with the frame. 

I can put the 700x42 wheels set under it if you want to try the stand over. 

Price dropped to $250 

Well until i decide to just put the darn thing in storage. :)

Is this frame still for sale?


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