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No one wanted this bike, so Imma keep it! Maybe I'll find time to ride it again one day.

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Just updated to drop the price: 1900 or best offer.

So I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions where I can advertise this? Places more likely to find those looking for a higher-end road bike? I figured Chain Link was my best bet, as I don't want to worry about eBay's percentages or shipping, and Craigslist is a crapshoot for various reasons.

I'm starting to worry no one wants my bike, and that kinda makes me sad. Am I really the only person that thinks this thing is so rad?

The chainlink is really not the place to sell expensive stuff. The big roadie forums that I know of are The Paceline, Weight Weenies, and Slowtwitch. Drop it to $1700 and I bet it'd sell in a couple days. 

Pretty sure if you put it on Craigslist and here and didn't get a nibble your two problems are either:

- You are priced too high (more likely than not).  If someone is buying something used, it better be a damn good price and well below what it would be priced new.

- Your description needs to be tweaked and I'd add a picture at the top. 

I don't know the first thing about this bike, it sounds like it has a lot of sentimental value, but what I can tell you is many many people have good luck selling their bikes here and Craigslist.  So like any market, it's price and/or condition. 

Oh man! I have  Jamis Quest and I LOVE it. 

I hope you find a good home for this guy! 

Thanks everyone. I started kinda high figuring it'd weed out the non-serious folks, that I might get reasonable offers. So I'm not married to the $1900 figure, I just didn't want anyone to waste our time with ridiculous low-ball offers. 

But I'll try to drop the price to $1700/OBO like Kelvin suggests and see if I get any takers. If not, then I'll try out those other sites mentioned as well.

Thanks again for the suggestions (and encouragement!)

Pictures? Not that I need another bike for the collection....

yeah, sorry. Was having a hard time getting the pics to upload when I first wrote up the ad, so I linked straight to the Craigslist post. I'll get the pics loaded on here this weekend.

part it out!

Thought about it, but honestly I'd rather not go through the hassle. I've parted out bikes in the past and ended up with single brifters or just a seatpost that I couldn't find buyers for. I'd rather just sell the whole thing and be done with it-- out of sight, out of mind-- or I'm just going to lament the whole endeavor when I see a few parts lying around.

John said:

part it out!

Just added the pictures to the thread. Hope you dig it!

Jaik - 4.3mi said:

Pictures? Not that I need another bike for the collection....

Have you checked out what a 2009 Jamis Quest would get through Bicycle Blue Book?  This might give you a realistic evaluation on its worth.  Bicycles do depreciate.


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