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Are there any cyclists out there who work a 3rd shift job and end up doing their training rides in the middle of the night like I do? I work in Information Security, which needs someone at the helm all day, all night every night, forever.....and I'm stuck on 3rd shift (9pm --> 7am, 4 days each week) for the time being. On my days off, I generally go for rides between 2 and 4am, and I must admit - I get lonely. So roanry.


If there are any other poor saps out there stuck awake all night, speak up now!



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I used to work third shift at a datacenter in the south loop and bike commuted twenty-five miles a day, if that counts.
I'm a poor sap. I mean, I work either 3p-3a or 7p-7a for 3 days a week, and am often awake overnights on my days off riding around. It'd be cool to meetup and go for some rides around in the AM hours of the night. Weekdays usually work the best, but lets figure it out.



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