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So for those of us doing the century this Sunday we are going to meet at the corner of Lawrence/Ashland at 7:05 AM to ride down to Evanston at 7:15. I already warned one chainliner that I will still be in my pj biking gear at that hour . My cell is 773-965-3396 so call me if you decide last minute you are coming or not. We leave at 7:15 with or without you though... I may have snacks with me if you are nice (and hungry).

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omg. can we somehow avoid reposting pictures every response?
(there's only so much of my ass I can take)
yes, sorry - I goofed!!! If anyone knows how to delete the duplicate pictures please do or let me know how I an do it since I posted them. Evan, come on though, you know you LOOOVE seeing yourself posted 12 times in bike gear!
Thanks Julie.

29.8mi on MM
93.7mi on NSC

I saw death in Kenosha. Had to SAG it to the start of the route south, then decided to ride home with 2 guys who were tightening up some loose spokes. They took off before I got my bike off the back of the van (WTF?), but the road was nice so I went. Met up with a woman who lost her riding partner too (damn you course markers, use a stencil and green paint like the BLT). and had a good talk going south (damn you orange utility-looking course markers, use a stencil and green paint like the BLT).

Julie Hochstadter said:
Yesterday was fantastic! I clocked 115 miles and averaged 13.5 MPH. We had a number of hiccups at the start and I finished at around 7:15 PM (yes it was dark and they left our certificates for us). We took some great pictures at the start (attached hopefully). I wiped out once but that's not too uncommom for me. Three cheers to Ryan who singlehandedly did the midnight Marauders and the Century with no nap in between! Kelly was a good daughter and went home with her father who was having bike problems around mile 18. Evan left us early which was probably a smart thing since he had to make dinner with his folks. My family came out at mile 88 and my nephews main question was , "Did you see anyone else get hurt?" I did have 2 deer run miss me by about 10 feet though!


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