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frickin love your answers!

justJason said:
In the dead of winter, after a vicious snowfall coupled with inhuman temperatures, the co-workers who happily shovel their cars out of glaciers, let them warm up for 20 minutes, and drive an hour to the office would always ask "how the HELL did you ride today?"


I've become really adept at biting my tongue.

M.A.R.K. said:
Whenever someone asks me why I bike(vs. drive), I can only ask, why the hell not?
buncha reasons:

commuting to work by bike is an easy cardio workout ... the motivation is that I have to get to work on time and before you know it I biked 14 miles 1-3 times per week

in the city I can sneak/ park my bike using sidewalks or between alleys etc where the car can't go

free parking anywhere

don't have to wait for a bus or train .. when I decide I want to leave I unlock and just go

bike maintenance takes less than one hour and just about no cost [when compared to the car] ... and I like to use tools and tinker

I didn't own a car until age 24 and before that was using mostly bus/ train with a bike here and there ... so I have been biking since I was young and biking now reminds me of that

if my bike[s] get stolen I lose less than $100 [my bikes are salvaged]

fresh air

I pay City taxes so biking makes sure that I use City bike paths/ lanes so I can get some of my money's worth


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