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Anyone ever get a pain right here? Idk if my muscle is strained, pulled, bruised or what. It's just left of my unit, but not my leg, and not my torso. It's in that part where the legs meet the body. The muscle is sore and when I touch it it feels swollen too. This is my first time getting something like this from what I can remember and the only thing i can think of that woud have caused this this weekend is riding.. Saddle position to high maybe, or over reaching my handlebars?

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Saddle position may be a bit off.

However, do not seek medical advice on the Internet; go to a doctor. Then go to Get a Grip and get a bike fit, or use the Competitive Cyclist bike fit calculator (fun for you and a friend!).
hrm. getting fitted does not mean getting a custom bike. It means that you ride your bike on a trainer and have someone who knows a bunch more than you about riding, ergonomics and kinesthesiology watch you. The fitter will pay attention to your saddle position (angle and fore/aft position) its relation to your pedal position and stem length. He/She will also look at your flexibility, weaknesses (do you spin lopsided, have dead spots in your pedal stroke, etc), cleat position, etc. If need be your saddle height, stem length, angle and height will be adjusted. Your cleats might be shimmed or adjusted, etc.

Think of getting fitted as buying an off the rack suit at the Mens Warehouse and then having a tailor adjust the cuff length and waist to fit you. There's no "custom" to it in the sense of getting a custom bike.

I mean, you're not getting a new fork with different rake or a tighter geometry bike or a bike with extra long top tube, etc. If you were getting sized AND fitted for a custom bike you'd be dropping at least $150 frn. on the sizing, then another $2k frn. on the frame, another $1-3k frn. on the components and after the bike is build up you'd get fitted.

To me it sounds like you need to work on your hip flexors at the gym. And you probably pulled somethin. Wait a week (cause that's what a Dr will say) and then go to a doctor if it doesn't go away.
M.A.R.K. said:
As far as a fitting, its an expense I cannot afford. Plus I dont ride custom fitted bikes, or even high end bikes for that matter so it seems pointless. If I were to drop 3-5 grand in a bike then I think it would be different. But in the same, if I could afford a 5000 dollar bike, then I can afford a 70 dollar fitting.

Wr0d. A fitting won't help with your pain now and really who wants to spend $100-200 frn. on something like that unless you're doin' some serious racin' or ridin'. I'd rather buy myself a Wii.

Ice it for 24-36 hours to help prevent further swelling. Then apply heat to reduce the swelling that happened. Ibuprofen for swelling NOT tylenol (tylenol takes care of pain but doesn't do anything for swelling).

Hrm... I guess I really did listen to my pop when he'd give me recovery advice.

Remember, ice first (for 24-36 hours) then heat afterward. Ice prevents swelling by keeping the blood vessels contracted. Heat helps get rid of swelling by opening the blood vessels.
Advil or other anti-inflam will probably help. Tylenol is not anti-inflam. Ibuprofen is.
Totally understand, M.A.R.K. This would be a great thing to float by Coops, who's writing a physical therapy blog for the site (see the blog section for an intro). If you have specific questions for her, she could address them in future blog posts. Sound good?

M.A.R.K. said:
Im not going trying to get medical advice on these here interwebs. Im just seeing if anyone else has had this problem before, and if it was bike related, what the problem was or was thought to be and maybe I can avoid this pain in the future. THe only thing I can think of that I could have done is riding. Its not like I bumped into something or whatever.
I had an issue in that area in high school track. It turned out to be a pulled muscle. Specifically, the hip flexor, or the muscle that pulls your upper leg when you raise it. My therapy amounted to lots of ice for the first few days, then heat and massage, and being very careful with it for a while. I would imagine that it's more just a fluke than a problem with fit. But take it easy for a while, especially if it hurts while off the bike too.
hey there. i am a physical therapist. that area is sometimes prone to adductor (groin muscle set) tendonitis, especially if you are super tight. i have treated this before, and it is mostly a guy thing. there is a bursa there to which can get inflamed. sometimes you can have a hernia present there as well. last but not least it could be a little hip flexor issue. that would be the main one that might e related to fit. if you have any questions hit me up. we even do free screens at my clinic. i would have to ask a ton o questions to narrow it down more for you. laters,
p.s. never use heat. ice. advil. keep the stretching to a minimum the first week after injuring.
Video_Drome said:
Is bike fitting your job? are u trying to drum up business? someone tell me the deal please
No, I do not do bike fittings. Sit at the corner of a busy intersection and watch cyclists go by in the morning. It's pretty easy to see that at least 30% of riders have bad position.
If you were trolling for something else, sorry I can't give you more.



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