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its raining and shitty out. the bar below me will be filled tonight (the skylark). i will probably spend the day looking out the window to the action packed corner of cermak and halsted. what on earth is going on tonight?

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If you're into trashy rock n roll, cococoma, the Ooga Boogas and MOTO are playing at Ronn'ys bar. I want to go but I'm broke as a bad joke.
Dude fucking Impaled, Phobia, Illogicist are playing at reggies tonight! i couldnt miss it.
Is there a thursday chainlink thing going on tomorrow night at that Shamrock place?
Let's do it up....

Unless I've offended people by my pontifications. . . .
I'll be traveling for work so I'll have to miss you guys. :(

Tommie said:
Let's do it up....

Unless I've offended people by my pontifications. . . .
how about fat cat at 4840 N Broadway St at 8PM? I may be a little late. The bouncer (if he is there) is a biker himself although I forgot his name.
prob way too late for you, but fat cat it is.... we should be here at least till 10:30 pm.

Video_Drome said:
well, im about to go skating. so what is it, shamrock or fat cat.

I'll be skating at wilson and lakeshore.
wish id have known i ride past fat cat everyday on my way home and passed there today at around 8pm listening to some brutal truth...oh well
So I guess things got a little confusing tonight although 4 of us showed up (1 wasn't a chainlinker though). Next Thursday (if we start this weekly) lets decide earlier in the day and someone who is for sure going should also leave a cell number.
word. rotation. i nominate the skylark!
What better night to go to a movie?

For Beatles Fans:

Tonight only at Kerasotes Chicago City North 2600 North Western at 7 PM.



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