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you know the drill.. if you can't find it, can't afford it, or can't imagine how you'll live without it - post it here.

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Just finished this. Mavic rims, hubs, brakes. 10-speed cassette upgrade.
Four you minivelo nuts, here's a bike that just came into my shop for repairs. It's a Sears Tote-Cycle, based on 20"/406 wheels. It has a 3 speed internal hub (note the shifter location), integrated front and rear cargo racks, and is separable (not folding) using crazy wing nuts. The Dutch-styled pink child carrier only makes it that much better.

This one is from 1968/69 based on the paint and components. Everything seems to be orginal spec, and it rides very well. If you've ever lusted after a Moulton, you should consider hunting around for one of these Austrian-built beauties. All the utility for a fraction of the price.

The only 3 way my wife will let me have :)

that is pornographic
deeeeeeeeeep wheels from H Plus Son


deep v comparison (42 vs 30)


Thats insane, all of it.
root said:

Here are some more goodies...

Ali said:
Here are some more goodies...

that one there made my heart stop the first time i saw it... it's an IF bike right (from their catalog)

that be there some yum.
check this out -

the next show is at the end of Feb. 09
you just won the thread with that post

root said:
you just won the thread with that post


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