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Hey all. Not sure if something like this has been posted yet or not, but I've had this link bookmarked for a while. It gives some info on routes in and around Chicago. Just thought I'd pass on...


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I just tried to map a route on from the useful links section. I don't like it. first it took me 3 tries to log in, then there are these annoying advertisements that you have to drag to get off the screen but they tended to "stick" to my cursor and then I'd click on them by accident.

Also I couldn't find a way to not have it automatically assume I was taking the street when there was an off street path there. Just venting!

I'll try google maps.
I think whoever put this map together must have thought it would be useful to see all the trails at once so perhaps you could "connect" multiple trails. In the text on the google map site there is a reference to a separate website: the info there seems more useful to me.

The mapmyride site is really slick if you have a GPS enabled device, I use it with my iPhone it draws the map as I ride, tracks calories burned and a bunch of other info.



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