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I stumbled into Ride (milwaukee at division) the other day and talked with the main guy--Ron, apparently. A friend of mine is thinking of converting to fixie, and she was interested in having them build it up for her. He said that it would run something like 300-400.
I've heard rumblings of mixed reviews (word on the street, chi bike shop registry), so I thought I'd ask around here: Anyone gotten a bike from this guy?

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yeah, i read those reviews. still wondering...
I actually live right down the street from there and I go into the shop quite frequently. Ron and his associates are great and they're fairly cheap. A couple of my friends have gotten bikes built from there and have had no problems. Hope this helps out!
Ron is awesome. He will customize your bike to your financial needs and what you want. he wont fuck you over. I have my bike from him and five of my friends have bikes from him.
here is a tutorial on how to do it cheaply.

I think I am going to try this at home.
Or you could you just contact me personally on this board. If you know anything about us, it's that we are fanatics about wheels. We don't generally reuse the old 80's single wall alloy or steel wheels as most of these are unreliable for daily riding. In about eighty percent of our rebuilds we also replace bottom bracket, (sealed cartridge) fork tube bearings and your choice of many different new wheel combinations.
(factory and hand-built).

I don't really like doing the simple, cheap rebuilds. Notice the negative $60 comment on the bike shop forum, and she event got a new rear wheel. Never again.

You could also call me direct at 773-227-1400
cool, thanks! wish i could have gone to that wheel discussion last night. see you around.
What I know of the place is that it may be better to buy a whole bike there and get it fixed up elsewhere. Ron seems swamped lately. I just posted a review over on that bike shop site. I like the place and I like Ron, but I can't give it an unqualified thumbs up.
Clearly experience in a bike shop has many dependencies. I always try and look at the shops I go into in perspective based on how busy they are, what time of year it is, and what the clientele is. Having to inflate tubes over and over in the spring for newbie riders has to be mind numbing....truly.



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