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Hey all, got forwarded the below this AM...please if you see em, let me know!!!

To All-

Tonight is a terrible night! As I was working at SmallBar at 2047 W Division tonight, my wheels were stolen off of my bicycle. If you don't already know what wheels I am speaking of then allow me to tell you. These wheels were built on red anodized Phil Wood high flange track hubs, each having a leather hub cleaner on it, laced onto Velocity Deep V rims. The front rim is powder coated a deep yellow color, while the rear is anodized a bright blue. Both wheels are 32 spoke, all normal spoke color except one, a black one, on the front wheel. This is a very dictinctive and special wheel set, and it is mine.

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with colors like that, dude's better off without em
LOL, does sound like a bit of a circus ride.

root said:
with colors like that, dude's better off without em
LOL, yea a bit violent. Hence why I deleted the last half of the email...wanted to keep a clean thread.

Way to rat me out ;)

I hear he had a big chain lock job, don't know the details though. It was at 2 AM on a probably someone with a jack?!

M.A.R.K. said:
I've seen this a couple times now, way to get the word out.?.!.?. Sorry to hear and im sure your pissed but Idk about all this knock them off their bike and spit on them business though.

"If you see these wheels on a bike, you should lock up that bike and call the cops. If you see someone riding these wheels, you should knock them off their bike and spit on them."

How were these stolen, were they not locked?


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