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I am in the process of stripping a bike frame of the original paint job, and am interested in applying some sort of transparent high-gloss protective coat over the metal once i get all the paint off. Any recommendations on a durable substance to use? Also are there any recommended methods for removing small amounts of rust from a frame?

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Steel wool I believe should work for the rust situation. As for some sort of a clear coat? I like the idea of a straight clear coated steel/alum frame. Should be pretty sick. You'll have to post pictures when done.

I'll ask some cats I work with if they have any suggestions as to a clear coat that will adhere to metals.

hey, did the same with alumiun frame, came out pretty dang sweet! is the rust surface or all the way through? steel wool is nice for it, but..i just hate to get a really smooth surface you have to sand it down with fine grite sandpaper afterwards. i always like CLR, doesn't scrach the surface and easy to cover large surfaces. do you have a stand to put the frame on to paint it? i can send you pics of a cool rig that i did that saved me lots of headaches when i rattle canned frames. good painting, ride-on
yeah, the rust is sparse and seems to be only on the surface. I had considered steel wool, but had exactly the same concern about scratching up that nice smooth surface. maybe it's inevitable. I do not have a stand, but I imagine when the time comes to paint, I'll frankenstein something together to keep as little contact to the frame as possible. perhaps hanging it some how? (yeah Ivan, seeing pics of your do-dad would be helpful) Ideal situation for the clear coat would be some sort of spray, (which complicates things being in Chicago) perhaps there is an automotive product out there that would do the trick.

I'm pretty stoked to get it done, I think it'll look dope. I found some clear handlebar wrap that got me even more amped about it. I'll post pics when it's done.

Thanks yous
Get the final paint and rust off with fine steel wool. Then to get it polished further you need to sand it with wet sand paper. Start with 180 and work as far as you want 400 or even 1000. Tip, always put a few drops of dishwashing detergent in the water. It helps to keep the paper from clogging and makes it last a long time. Further polish requires rubbing compound and various polishers (3M makes them for rubbing out paint-they are wax-free). If you have used anything with wax in it you should wash the frame with kerosene and then alcohol. Keep all you finger oil off the frame. Be surgical. If using paint you need not polish it but smooth it out, prime it, and then start laying paint in thin coats. After some build up you can use rubbing compound it it has a mottled or eggshell surface. If you want it metal-shiny then clear coat is the way to go. Remember if it's aluminum, it needs either clear coat or needs to be anodize. You can have it "clear anodized" to retain the metallic look. That costs about $100. Also spray cans work but they are hard to use as you cannot control the pressure or the amount. I've had good luck with the Caswell paints. Website:
Good luck.
One last thing. In wet sanding, you will need to use the special wet sandpaper. Hardware stores and the West Marine store in Chicago have various grades. One or two sheets of each grit should be plenty.
Thanks. sounds like good advice. I might not get crazy fine with the sandpaper, but I'll use that strategy.


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