I started a new group on this website for the intersection between bikes and yoga. Although Jewish, I'm a regular practicer of yoga and am an interested in how it does or could improve my biking and energy. Please join the group if its interesting to you!

Anyone know of a yoga studio that has a cycling specific yoga class? Or, a cycling group that practices yoga together? I know they do it in Portland...

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Yay! Ok I will talk to the manager at 2nd Nature about availability and prices. Stand by for update.

Dottie said:
I'm definitely interested in a yoga for cyclists class. I haven't been much in the last few months, but I love the bikram yoga classes at Om on the Range. For a long time I went three times a week, every week. omontherange.net They had a yoga for runners seminar a while back , but nothing for cyclists as far as I know.

The best way yoga improves my biking is by making me more chill when people pass too close!


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