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Root and I met a lot of chainlinkers at this month's Wicker Park Critical Mass. It was an awesome ride and one of the best birthdays I have had...Now I am left wondering who I spent it with... and does anyone have pictures?!?!?!

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I don't have pics, but you know I was there for a hot second!
present - and it certainly was fun... i threw a little video together from clips i took of the ride, should post it online and link to it soon enough
best wicker park mass - EVER.
I've never done a WC Crit Mass. How many people came? Where did you go? How is it different from the downtown one?
Julie Hochstadter said:
I've never done a WC Crit Mass. How many people came? Where did you go? How is it different from the downtown one?

oo, it's super sweet, ive only been on 2 but they've been about 25-35 peeps - its really fun because you dont get held up like on the big ride, dont have to stop or go incredibly slowly... and you can ride on streets and through parks and under cool bridges that you could never take the thousands in the big CCM

both are fun, but the little ones have a special charm, and you still get to wave and yell happy friday as people ask you what you are all riding for

oh yeah, and 30-some people is plenty to take a lane and command the road.. and you don't have to worry about the fringe crazies starting fights and yelling at cars... nice people on these rides keep the atmosphere relaxed and friendly
I was there- my first Wicker Park ride!
when is the next Wicker Park Critical Mass?
it's a first friday ride, check out more info here
I've done many WPCMs and have to say they are far and away the most enjoyable Masses I've been on (including Catholic mass...but that goes without saying). My boyfriend and I actually met at the very first WPCM! It is a ride near and dear to my heart.
Hey, glad all of you enjoy our friendly little ride! Glad you liked our more-ambitious route plan this month, even if none of you made it to the curry feast.

I have to admit that I've never done much promo for WPCM in the year+ that we've been around -- BUT we have still managed to ride every single First Friday. We even had a hardy group in February when we floated half a mile, over freshly fallen snow, to the Bike Winter poetry slam.

Y'all invite your friends, now. Oh, and join our Facebook group:
I Didn't see an event posting for Wicker Mass- but that won't stop me from hangin out with the bums while I hope other bikers appear! See ya Friday! (the world could end tomorrow... If it does/did then disregard this message.) ;-)


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