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There's been a thread about each of our real jobs, but forget the real jobs... what about your dream job?? If salary, education, training, etc. weren't a consideration, what would you do?

I have two:
1) I would study languages all the time, it would be my full time job. Not to be a translator, but rather to understand how languages work and grow and change.
2) I would be a professional cyclist! Duh. :)

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This is funny as I spent most of yesterday thinking about this. I've always wanted to restore old homes. I'd also like to have enough money that I could volunteer at different places for a living as well as be a professional student of French, photography, painting, drawing, etc. without having to worry about "where its going".
Flipping off the track thoroughbreds (train them to do something other than run like hell), and breed/break kick ass horses.

Broodies FTW!
This reminded me that I also want to be a professional organizer..I actually took a couple of classes towards being "certified".

Pete said:
I would love to classify things. Well, I kind of already do that working in geology and biology. But, more seriously, I like to have things organized. When I know my sh!t is together, I just function better. And I feel good when someone comes in, sees my stuff and says, "Wow! This looks great!"

The other part of the dream job involves just doing projects for people. In high school and college I worked at Six Flags. During part of my time there, I worked entirely behind-the-scenes. I was given a lot of projects by the uppers and I loved having the freedom of planning and executing it.
Full time reny who travels show to show via bicycle... oh wait... I start that next year :D
I want to be Kevin Bacon from Quicksilver. So I can ride my bike, dance and make no sense all day long.

But I guess I'll never be that cool. So I'll settle for

I already have my dream job, I work for myself fixing stuff and have the freedom to do pretty much what I want.
Dictator. It doesn't have to be a large country, A third world one would do. Just so long as I get to have a secret police force and an army of Jack-booted thugs kicking in peoples doors in the middle of the night. Oh, and I will need a balcony where I could stand while cheering crowds hold up big pictures of me while I stand there and give ranting speeches.
Free-lance writer who specializes in travel writing. And who never has a dry spell with no work and who makes enough money to buy my own benefits and save for retirement.
Be full time retired with limitless disposable income
3 mos. per year : rock star
3 mos. per year : pro triathlete
3 mos. per year : pirate (carribean)
3 mos. per year : philantrhopist / volunteer and rest up for the next 9 mos.

then repeat...... LOL
I'd be Mrs. Mia Wallace personal foot massager.
Dude your a crazy fool. :-D

Gabe said:
Monkey Masturbator at the Lincoln Park Zoo.


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