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There's been a thread about each of our real jobs, but forget the real jobs... what about your dream job?? If salary, education, training, etc. weren't a consideration, what would you do?

I have two:
1) I would study languages all the time, it would be my full time job. Not to be a translator, but rather to understand how languages work and grow and change.
2) I would be a professional cyclist! Duh. :)

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I'd be either an archaeologist or a writer for National Geographic, or BOTH.
I pretty much love what I'm starting to do now: throw together a bunch of stuff where I get to use what skills I've got (art, bookkeeping, organization) and learn new ones (accounting, bike repair, teaching). I just wish I could make enough money cobbling together this stuff to lose the one full time cubicle farm job I DONT like. But hey, at least I have all the slack time I need to do all kinds of extracurricular work while I bide my time in my cubicle...
Leah, become a professor and you could study languages all you want.

I'd be a photo journalist. Lots of traveling and no writing. Maybe there's writing involved. I don't really know. I just want to get paid for taking pics.
Own a doggie day care/bike shop. People drop off their dogs on their bikes on their way to work. Currently looking for investors...
I want to own a cake shop. Decorating cakes and delivering them via bicycle. Oh yeah! Anyone ever seen Ace of Cakes? That's where I want to work!!
Record store owner.
Haha, well it would have to occur in the present unfortunately, but I think the record store can survive the digital age..maybe. Did you work in Chicago, if so where?
h3 said:
Would this occur in the present or in some past time before peer-to-peer?
I worked in a record store for about 5 years when you were but a wee lad.

Maxwell Palmer said:
Record store owner.
Aside from the true dream jobs - astronaut (would take a trip off the planet no matter what the consequences -alien abduction or earth voyage - if given the opportunity) and nba player (no matter the role, bench rider or starter)

my dream job would have to be running a small brewery/bike co-op... they can easily run together with the large spaces needed for brew houses, and the two cultures fit perfectly, all bike and beer festivals have the same friendly atmosphere - partially pay the bike repair guys/gals w/ beer... promote cycling and good beer

think new belgium but way smaller and with on-site, community run, bike repair - i guess i picture lakefront brewery (milwaukee) merged with west town or working bikes - we'd repair, sell, and teach... no new bikes sold here... we'd have the best parties, festivals, and mass rides... we'd be a meeting place for mass rides or meeting places for the end of mass rides... we'd love you and you'd love us

any want to join me?
Monkey Masturbator at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Anything in forensics or pathology
Definetly a trophy husband
Billionaire superman


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