I saw that there wasn't a thread dedicated to CM!

I'm sure this probably wont apply for most on this board, but just in case anyone is still not aware of critical mass: This is a really fun event to promote awareness of bicycle culture and the importance of sharing the roads. The ride happens the last Friday of every month. Here is a link to the Chicago ride site: http://chicagocriticalmass.org/.

I am interested in everyone's agenda in riding. I know some riders out there (like me) are in it for the fun and camaraderie of it all...anyone do it for another reason?

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i'm excited about this ride! is anyone dressing up?
HELP... What should i dress up as?
you should be a ballerina.

Adam said:
HELP... What should i dress up as?
Umm, I'm gonna be she-hulk. Ghetto she-hulk. Gotta get some green make-up and large, gold hoop earrings.
I have been working on my car door all week, and now with the bad news today of a very serious accident I don't want to bring it.
But the more I think about it the more I wish I could make doors for a true protest at this critical mass
I want you all to know I made this as my protest because I have been doored my self.
Be sure to pick up a Derailleur tomorrow - there's a little blurb about The Chainlink! :)
Nurse Joker is gonna show ya her magic trick ! ;-) Can't wait ta see ya'll again...been to long! :-)
See you all on the south side of the Picasso. I'll be the one with the tire tracks all across my front...
HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!
I'm only going to go for the beginning...but I'm going as a penguin. AND I have a giant, glowing pumpkin for the rear rack of my bike.
Loved the ride...Great Vibe! ;-) Bikenstein was great...Ammo and Hex, hope you got home safe!
That was my first mass, and I had fun, but was wondering if all the stopping/walking is typical or if this was worse than usual due to larger turn out?


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