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there is no excuse for censorship. welcome to the end of chainlink

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Hi Root, per the Forum Rules, sexually explicit comments are unwelcome and will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding.
can i swear?

I think people come to these types of "gathering places" because we're looking for a "safe" place to chill. Sexually explicit comments (as Leah described them) don't really promote the kind've community that I think Leah and Chainlink seek to promote.

I don't think deleting comments is so much about censorship as it is about a certain amount of mutual respect for everyone who subscribes.

Hrm. I can't believe I just wrote that... my ma would be proud.
i'm sorry that you feel that i won't be a good contributor to the community because i like to mix up some of the saucier sides of life in my humor.

and to say that this place is less "safe" because of some text on the screen is just ridiculous, don't you think?

i'm not looking to make enemies here, but come on - do you really expect me to bend my personality and use of language around some fragile ears? why insult the fine nuances of the word FUCK by avoiding it's use!?

You're reading way too much into what I'm saying. I haven't said anything about the value of your contributions.

And yes, I think that dropping lewd comments on a board is not "safe." I think that talk like that encourages what is effectively an isolating (effectively leering) "boys club." (Yes, I'd be for deleting a post if a woman used lewd language for related reasons).

I'm not against or above crude humor. And I don't mean in any way to insinuate that people (whatever gender or non-gender) can't take it or stand up for themselves. However, like I said before, there is a time and a place--chainlink probably isn't either.

And yes, I think the forum rules make it quite clear that some sort of "bending" is required.

It's over. I'm past it. Enjoy the bottom bracket.
well, just ignore me when i get crass. you are a good dude.
nah it wasn't like that. it was about naughty bits


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