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So I'm due in Maywood tomorrow evening and was wondering if anyone knew a good route from Des Plaines, Park Ridge area perhaps.. Im coming from Arlington Hts., but would rather go east of the airport vs. west around(eg. Elk Grove, Elmhurst, Melrose Park)it cause its not kosher riding to get there at all.. But I have a great route to Park Ridge, and even in to the far NW Side, but what to do from there?

I was thinking Park Ridge to Cumberland and hiting it all the way south, as I need to be @ 1st(which it turns into says google maps.. that and Pueblo or something and Rt. 171)and 290.. But I dont really know Cumberland that well.. I know some parts around the blue line, is it a alright road to take? It will be in the late afternoon, almost into the evening rush.

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The Des Plaines looked like a mess yesterday.


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