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22" surly troll x9 drivetrain, mavic crossride wheels, avid bb7s, truvativ crank - mountain or monster tour bike.

Surly troll xl/22" with old man mountain rack, brooks, sram x9 and avid disks, two years old and in great shape. 800 as shown or subtract 50 if brooks not wanted and another 50 if rack not wanted.  Ideal all-a-rounder = mountain, commuting, whatever floats your boat.  

Revised build to include brooks B17 - honey and old man mountain rear rack - hope this is not too spammy.

I am open to trades - especially apple products or touring bikes in 58/60cm range.

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Surly whatnow? Troll? Never heard of it before. Cool!

Here is a pretty cool site about one guy's Troll story:

(I do have to mention though that the dude's lament about being a poor underpaid special ed teacher seems fairly hilarious given that either one of his two bikes cost more than my entire stable.)


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