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Grand Illinois Trail and Parks Bike Tour
June 14-19, 2015 -- Registration Now Open

Join us for the 13th annual Grand Illinois Trail And Parks (GITAP) bicycle tour in mid-June of 2015. It’s a new departure for the ride, using the Grand Illinois Trail as a starting point to go south for some wonderful riding, scenery, cultural activities, and sites.

This unforgettable six-day ride will be making a loop through Illinois prairies, farmland, woodlands, river edges, and towns and cities — Kewanee, Hampton, Galesburg, Canton, and Chillicothe. Enjoy overnights filled with good food and good fellowship, all in support of the League of Illinois Bicyclists, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving bicycling conditions statewide.

Ride Basics:

  • A loop ride – starting and ending at Kewanee High School – with free parking for the week.
  • Many daily mileage choices totaling anywhere from 300 to 500 miles for the week. The longest day’s basic route is typically about 60 miles.
  • The topography this year varies with some short-to-moderate hills along with flat countryside.
  • Tent camping at county and city parks as well as one college campus.
  • All breakfasts and dinners included.
  • Showers and luggage transportation provided.
  • T-shirt, emergency SAGs, bike repair, and refreshment stops included.
  • Nightly meetings including ride information, awards, and our fun Velosophie program – discussions of interesting literature led by our own experienced riders.
  • An optional five night package of motel accommodations (at extra cost), most of them close to the campsites.

For more information and to register, visit

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Is there a link to a route map somewhere?

mark stetson said:

Is there a link to a route map somewhere?

Map and route description is part of the registration form.

Velosophie has been reborn?! Hell yes! When did LIB take it over from IHC?

The current route map is available for download with the registration form:

Also, LIB presents the Velosophie program at GITAP in partnership with the Illinois Humanities Council, and I believe has done so since 2010.

For more specific information, please feel free to contact GITAP coordinator Chuck Oestreich at or 309-788-1845.

Thanks for posting this. We will share this on our twitter account @bobbysbikehike to help spread the word!



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