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2014 Ride of Silence Jerseys and Caps -- order deadline TODAY (May 5) for delivery by May 21

The DEADLINE FOR JERSEY AND CAP ORDERS to get merchandise in time for the 2014 Ride of Silence is the end of TODAY, Monday, May 5!

Top 3 reasons to buy RoS merchandise...
1. Support the RoS! Proceeds from sales benefit the RoS
2. Be Safer! Brighter and more vibrant jersey design with reflective back pockets
3. RoS jerseys and caps allow us to spread the word year around -- wear your jersey and/or cap year round to spread the word!
For the Chicago Ride of Silence... we want to know : Would you purchase a cap the "night of" if we order a few?
Please let us know!

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I just tried to order a cap and the link said "Page Not Found". did I do something wrong ?

I am using Firefox btw

thanks in advance


Something is wrong with the site (Chainlink) software causing a redirection. Copy paste the url as written without clicking or copying the hyperlink.

Thank you for clarifying to copy and paste the URL -- the Ride of Silence "store" is

For the cap specifically it is


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