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Is anyone currently planning the Perimeter Ride for this year? Anything I can do to help?

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Thanks for organizing! I look forward to this event yearly! Had a blast last year. Love me some Argus Brew! Let me know if you need help with advertising or such.  JoAnna

Just put up a facebook page here:

Chainlink page is pending approval.

Great article John. Just read it. Fantastic piece. I've done the leg to the north and the leg to the south. 

John Greenfield said:

No plans on my part for a Chicago Perimeter Ride, but stay tuned for my writeup of the 300-mile Metra-Politan Perimeter Ride, a 300-mile bike trip I did earlier this summer, connecting the endpoints of all the Metra commuter rail lines.

David Gephardt, any plans for a Chicago ride this summer? If not, if anyone else wants to take the reins, I'd be happy to share maps and info from the rides I led in the 'Oughts.



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