Hi there i'm currently selling my 2012 Surly Moonlander 20" this is the Fat bike you've been dreaming of amazing 4.7" Big Fat Larry Tires mounted to those amazing Clown Shoe rims.This Moonlander is primarily stock and great condition with minimal miles, one blemish on the toptube driveside a scuff in the clearcoat, and a scratch on the rim both are pictured. The bike rides like a dream and floats over anything I have added a Specialized Toupe saddle,Tricross rear rack, Thomson Elite seatpost and Shimano XT SPD clipless pedal, easily $400 in upgrades ready to go play on your trail of choice. I would normally not sell a bike so cheap or one I have enjoyed so much but I am in between jobs and have priorities that come before my bikes. I will post a close up of the scuff on the Headtube and Wheel shortly.

I am asking well below retail and even below dealer cost, the 1st $1200 takes it home.


Email if there are any questions.

I have posted numerous events and have members who can vouch for my credibility!

Cheers and best of luck,


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Is 20" your final answer?

Ok I have to admit that bike puzzles me. Does it actually move, it looks like it would be hard to peddle?

The bke pedals very well, it is geared pretty low. You should check out fatbikes.com they have a lot of information and reviews about all things fat. Thanks for your interest.

Thanks very cool website. So many new types of bikes. I started mountain biking, then road biking, now just getting into touring. Who knows what is next. Good look with your sale. I think it is going to get snapped up quickly.

Guys, Chad's just trying to sell an awesome bike at an even awesomer price. Maybe we oughtta let him do so, eh?

What is the going price for healthy-ish Kidney's these days?  You only need one, right? Also, how can I hide this from my fiancee in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment.  

The moonlander is available, color is spacedust, and appreciate someone actually interested.

I'm not apologizing for any role I may have had in sending this bike to North Dakota where it will be well used.


Oh yeah, is there another 10% cut involved?

The bike is almost sold, thank you for your bs and help!

Ungrateful seller...

we should have just let this post sink into the abyss.

When someone posts, anyone posts on this thread, it gets kicked to the top of the list. If no one posts it moves down, and off, the front page... and forgotten.

It's called "bumping".

you're welcome.

Chad McQueen said:

The moonlander is available, color is spacedust, and appreciate someone actually interested.

Valued seller....

Thank you for putting this ultra cool bike up for sale at a price that can only be called generous.  I hope the deal goes through quickly.

I was driving (!) yesterday in Evanston, and a fat bike darted across the street ahead of me.  There was just a little snow on the roads but enough that an ordinary bike would have found the conditions un-fun.  I'll bet the fat bike was going 15mph or better.  Must have been a very strong rider.

My only regret is not having $1200 available to buy it myself.

Is the Moonlander still available?


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