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2010 Globe Haul 2 For Sale $350 MSRP $1,100 - Near West Side/Tri Taylor

Light and nimble-handling aluminum frame. Handy rack and protective and stylish fenders, it features all the utilitarian touches you need to haul stuff around the city. Easy-rolling 700c wheels and flat-resistant tires. 8-speed Shimano Alfine internally geared rear hub provides simple shifting, easy pedaling and requires little maintenance.

Plus, this trick city bike boasts Tektro disc brakes for tons of all-weather stopping power to keep you in control. The Haul 2 even comes with integrated front and rear lights, a kickstand and a bell.

The deck is a bit scratched up and could use a refinish and the back fender has a bend it. My wife is looking for a lighter weight bike given she really just uses as light commuting and better suited for someone that wants to load up groceries, etc.

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I think 17". Here are some more photos.

Not disc brakes and not an internal hub.  I'm guessing that's the Globe Haul 1 with MSRP $650 rather than the Haul 2?  Nice bike either way.

Looks like the Globe Haul 1 frame, but upgraded to multiple speeds.  Size Medium, too large for me unfortunately.


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