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One of which was me, the other was our very own Lauren. Send her your blessings, her bike was totalled and she ended up with stitches.

I at another time, the same day, was hit head on on Franklin and Ontario. My bike is ok, no bones broken, just muscle spasms. The man who hit me asked me if I was ok, I told him "I think I need to go to the hospital" he said "sorry about that" and drove off. I couldn't see straight because my head was spinning so I didn't catch a plate number. I was going on my side of the street on the green light. Wasn't breaking any laws this time around.

The man hit me so hard I rolled on top of his hood and face planted his windshield. I went to the emergency room and got painkillers (which barely work).

Be careful people, accidents happen anytime. Even in broad daylight like mine.

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Glad to hear. Hope you heal up quickly, Lauren.

lauren sailor said:
good news of my healing: after nearly 5 days, i can whistle again!
Got back on my bike for a little bit today. The pain I can bear, but the dizziness is damned annoying.
Reddog, I'm glad you're back in the saddle. I took a little spill today on some train tracks, there was a car blocking my way and my tires slid on the track. Minor damage to the bike and road rash for me. But that darn dizzy feeling! My solution; drank beer, then went on the South Side ride. I figured that I would just welcome the dizzy feeling. So drink more beer!

Reddog said:
Got back on my bike for a little bit today. The pain I can bear, but the dizziness is damned annoying.
Its sad that people actually think its ok do stuff like that. Hope you guys heal up ok!
I got hit this past winter by a soccer mom in a mini van on her phone. bent my rim an got a few good cuts an scratches. she asked if I was ok then took off. Next time its the lock to the window of any one who tries to take off.

...stay safe peoples...
Lauren and Ammo,

If I can help with bike parts, wheel truing, tune-ups, moral support, or anything, you only need ask. Wishing you very quick and total recoveries. - Lee Diamond


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